'Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal playing together is the beauty of Laver Cup'

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'Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal playing together is the beauty of Laver Cup'

The former world No. 5 Henri Leconte spoke to Bluewin about the Laver Cup. The Frenchman only had nice words for this event. "It's an unbelievable concept. Roger Federer had an amazing idea in creating a sort of Ryder Cup of tennis.

It's amazing how excited he has been organizing this event in Prague, Chicago and now here in Geneva. Creating a three-day tournament, Laver Cup shows that even tennis can be played in a different way. This sport can be more dynamic and faster than a Grand Slam tournament.

It brings another view. It's amazing. In the beginning it was more an exhibition, now it quickly became an important event as it got introduced on the ATP calendar. But Laver Cup is totally different to Grand Slams or other tournaments organized by ATP as it is a team event.

Roger and Rafa, the biggest rivals, suddenly get united. That's the beauty of this event, there is a new dimension. At first tennis was a single sport. Here at the Laver Cup it becomes a team sport. I think it is amazing, I would have liked to play it back in the day."

Making his predictions, Leconte concluded: "Team World, mainly led by Americans, is made up of big servers. In other words, they are powerful, they serve and volley, hit two or three shots to win the point. So it will be interesting and quick."

Team Europe's captain John McEnroe spoke about rivalries in tennis. The American former player mentioned the one he had with the Swede Bjorn Borg: "It was the biggest rivalry I had, I enjoyed it a lot. We improved each other. Like Roger, Rafa and Novak today."