Berrettini: 'Physically Roger Federer dominated me. While Rafael Nadal...'

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Berrettini: 'Physically Roger Federer dominated me. While Rafael Nadal...'

In an interview with Sky, Matteo Berrettini spoke about his straight-set loss to Roger Federer in the Wimbledon fourth round. The Italian player said: "I approached that match very motivated, with many expectations and a lot of confidence.

But physically I started feeling it. Probably I would have still lost to Federer, but physically he dominated me. Anyways, I learned a lot from that match that I will bring inside myself forever." Some tough times came afterwards for Berrettini: "I hurt my ankle after Wimbledon and so I did not expect to do so well in New York.

I remember that, physically, the worst day was the day after my match against Richard Gasquet. The first best of five sets match after the injury and I thought, Who knows how I will be doing in the next matches. I had big fights and the quarter-finals against Gael Monfils, I still feel goosebumps remembering that match.

The match with Nadal, like the one with Federer, taught me a lot. The one with Nadal may have taught me more. For a set, a set and a half I competed with him at the same level." Nadal praised the Laver Cup: "I think it's a great team that everybody tries to help each other.

It's a great team spirit. That's why we were able to achieve two Laver Cups, the two previous editions. We need to be together. We need to help each other. We have great coaches, Bjorn and Thomas, and the rest of the team is supporting very much.

Being here for me is very positive energy, no? It's amazing to be around a great team, and the crowd is just unreal every single day. So many, many thanks for the support."