Borg: 'Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal advising players is very important'

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Borg: 'Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal advising players is very important'

The Team Europe's captain Bjorn Borg commented on Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal giving advices to Fabio Fognini during his first Laver Cup match on Friday against Jack Sock. The Swede said: "First thing Roger or Rafa coming down and speak to Fabio, they know him better than I do, because they play him millions of times for so many years.

They know the other players how they play. So it's very important to have them there. Crucial points, crucial situation during the match, it's very important. I think that's the advantage for Laver Cup that, you know, the players can be involved and everybody is there.

I'm sure for Fabio it's no discussion. It's more like, you know, listen to them, but still he has to go out and play his game. But it's always nice to hear other things. That's only -- I see only positive things.

We know how Fabio can play, but Laver Cup is completely different thing. It's a team thing, and it's very, very serious and very prestigious. Everybody wants to win. So it's a tough situation. Fabio did a great job, a great job.

Like I said, it could be completely different match if he win maybe one of the games in the beginning of the first set. Could be completely different match. But the match ended. So go on. And he played well. Sock played well. So it's nothing to say."