Roger Federer and Nadal listening to each other was interesting: Annacone

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Roger Federer and Nadal listening to each other was interesting: Annacone

Roger Federer's former coach Paul Annacone commented on the Swiss and Rafael Nadal coaching each other during the Laver Cup matches last week in Geneva. The American, speaking on the Tennis Channel, said: "It's really interesting to watch and to see two legends come together, listen to each other, share thoughts, talk to the other teammates, try to be kind of co-pilots when they are not playing.

Nick Kyrgios, I have always had an unbelievable amount of respect for his tennis. I know he always has very good tennis. We see how he plays on the court when he is stable and after watching him behind the bench, his words and the way he dealt with his teammates playing him, trying to coach, he was very very impactful."

On Team Europe's big celebrations, the American added: "It's still amazing when we are fortunate enough to see events like this that are driven by emotion, the players longed for it. They are individual athletes that do not get to do that much team competing.

So you see guys like this afterwards holding up the trophy and the pain and the frustration that the Team World feel. It's really magnified because we are such an individual sport. I love to see the teams come together. I feel for the heartbreak of Team World but man, what an amazing week."

Annacone is currently coaching Taylor Fritz, who played for Team World this year at the Laver Cup. Fritz defeated Dominic Thiem in their singles match on Sunday.