'Federer prioritizing Davis Cup vs Laver Cup'd be better for Swiss Tennis'

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'Federer prioritizing Davis Cup vs Laver Cup'd be better for Swiss Tennis'

The President of the Swiss Tennis Federation Rene Stammbach believes that Roger Federer giving a bigger priority to the Davis Cup over the Laver Cup would benefit the Federation. Speaking to Nzz, Stammbach said: "For his achievements list and obviously for us another Davis Cup title would be better than a Laver Cup win.

But the Davis Cup and Fed Cup either are not affairs for Swiss Tennis. We earned a bit of money with Davis Cup in 2014, two million, when we won the title. We are usually happy if we do not lose too much money." On Federer possibly playing the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games although he has not been playing Davis Cup since 2015, Stammbach added: "We should ask for a wild card and we would definitely do it.

For such players, who already won an Olympic gold or a Grand Slam title, you can do it. But Europe has just one place." On the Laver Cup, the former top five player Henri Leconte said: "Roger should keep being connected to this competition.

If the contrary happened, it would be a pity for fans and players. This kind of competition is good for the sport. It's a unique environment. Some people thought this event would have not worked but you could see it works."

Federer credited Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal: "It's thank to them if now I am stronger. In the beginning of my career, I was just happy to dominate and be the number one in the world. And then having Rafael Nadal every week in the semis or final, pushed me to improve. I had to accept it and see what I could have done to beat him. It forces you to become the best possible player."