Garin shares why he rejected to play Laver Cup against Federer, Nadal

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Garin shares why he rejected to play Laver Cup against Federer, Nadal

In an interview to the Chilean reporters Christian Garin spoke about the Laver Cup that took place in Geneva last week. Garin admitted he would have loved to be part of the Team World and face the Team Europe that featured legends like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer among the others, but in the end he rejected.

"They invited me to be alternate", said Garin. "For me it would have been unbelievable but coming from Chile, I did not go. I know that the same thing happened to other players and it's a pity not to go there.

I want to perform well in the Chinese tournaments, feeling at my best." On the Davis Cup finals in Madrid, Garin added: "The Davis Cup is difficult, it's the first time we reached it. We have a very tough group stage.

There are chances of course. There are always chances in tennis. I think it's a game where anything can happen. Me and Nico (Jarry) can beat anyone. Hopefully we are well prepared heading into that week and feeling confident after the tournaments.

It's a good opportunity to do well." Garin opened his run in Zhuhai on a good note defeating in the first round on Monday. Analyzing the reasons behind his success this year, he concluded: "Of course hardwork.

I’ve been working hard for a long time and this year I have a very solid team. I have a coach, fitness coach and physio. We have been working really hard and I think that is a very big thing for me. This year, I’ve won two titles and I didn’t expect it. It makes me more confident."