'Nadal may hold more Major titles than Roger Federer if he were healthier'

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'Nadal may hold more Major titles than Roger Federer if he were healthier'

A few weeks ago, Toni Nadal said that Rafael Nadal would hold more Grand Slam titles than Roger Federer if he were healthier in his career. Exclusively speaking to TW USA, one of Nadal's coaches, Francis Roig agreed with this view.

"Rafa skipped 14 Grand Slams. He played feeling painful many times. Instead, Roger played many Grand Slam times in a row although he definitely had some back issues during his career. Rafa may have more titles than Roger if he did not suffer as many injuries as he did, that's for sure."

Asked if Novak Djokovic in 2011 was the best player Rafael ever faced in his career, Roig replied: "For me, the best Novak was in 2015 and first half of 2016. In 2011 Rafa was not doing well, he lost many finals and the best Novak was yet to come."

On Nadal possibly breaking Federer's Grand Slam titles, Roig added: "For him breaking records is a good thing but it's not an obsession. Rafa would like to have most Majors, Masters 1000, end the season as a world No.

1 but breaking all records is difficult. He just fights to have the best possible career and eventually be the best ever." On why the younger players are still not able to breakthrough, Roig concluded: "They lack experience and consistency throughout the year.

They struggle competing at the same level for the whole year. Zverev dropped a bit, he is very good mentally but he is struggling game-wise. He plays well on hard and clay but not on the grass at Wimbledon. Same thing for Stefanos Tsitsipas, who started the year well and then he got ups and downs. The older guys have beaten many generations."