Playing doubles with Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal: Tsitsipas picks...

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Playing doubles with Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal: Tsitsipas picks...

Stefanos Tsitsipas was asked who he would like to play doubles with the most between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The Greek paired up with both players at the Laver Cup in Geneva last weekend. "You're putting me in a difficult situation right now, because I actually enjoyed playing with both of them so much.

They are both returning -- no, really -- they are both returning unbelievably well. Roger is playing great. Rafa, as well... I have to choose? Okay, I have to choose. Okay. Let me think of it. Such a difficult one. Okay. Two hours later, I guess.

I'll pick... I mean, look, I have been idolizing Federer since a young age, and having him as my doubles partner, it's a dream come true. Same stands for Nadal because of his energy on the court and how similar -- I really feel similarity with Rafa.

When I'm on the court, I feel like we have this Mediterranean connection, I would say, and very emotional, both of us. But just because I grew up idolizing Federer, and not trying to be like him but trying to take few things that could help my career, as well, I will pick Federer", said Tsitsipas.

Asked what he needs to improve on, the Athens native concluded: "I think I've got to put a lot of work in and clear a few things up. Sometimes I feel confused in what I should proceed on doing when I'm on the court and playing with the things that work the best in my game, being in charge and having a clear mind of what I'm about to do in crucial moments which define my success, because that's where the pressure points are very important to deal with."