Rafael Nadal: 'Congrats Roger Federer for making Laver Cup happen'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Congrats Roger Federer for making Laver Cup happen'

Rafael Nadal spoke about how it felt to win the 2019 Laver Cup in Geneva. The Spaniard said: "Every victory in any place is different, but honestly, we have been speaking a little bit the other day, winning by teams is just amazing, because, you know, you celebrate together.

Is very special thing. Losing is less painful together, and winning is better. Yeah, is a great feeling. First year have been amazing experience, but everything new. So have been, of course, so difficult at the end. But this year I think I appreciate even more how difficult is to win this competition, no? Because everything goes to Sunday.

The way that the format is done is great, but is for people who has the heart in good conditions (smiling) because everything is so close. Yeah, anything could happen. We feel, of course, a little bit lucky that we won, because anything could go any way.

So just congrats to everyone. Well done." Nadal was also asked the differences between winning US Open and Laver Cup: "I normally don't like much the comparisons, because every single thing is different and it's important by itself.

This event is unique, something's always special, so I want to congratulate Roger Federer and all his team for this great job that they really make this competition happen. I think is something very positive, something new, something that is fresh for our sport.

And I really believe that makes more people around this sport and that's all about. Honestly, I really hope that this new and young generations keep supporting this event, because this event is special. So we need to make this event stronger and stronger, because the atmosphere that we leave here is difficult to find in other places.

Just super happy to be part of two of these three editions that already have been on. I don't know. I really hope to keep being part of the team in the future."