Tsitsipas: 'Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer taught me new things'

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Tsitsipas: 'Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer taught me new things'

In an interview to Blick Stefanos Tsitsipas spoke about how Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal helping him at the Laver Cup in Geneva. The Athens native said: "When I am nervous it's mainly because of the score and not just of the crowd.

I feel I can learn a lot from those guys. They teach me things that nobody else ever teached me. There is nothing I an afraid of." "I already got many suggestions from Roger before playing my first match. I try to listen at him and think about it when I play.

If you add those two guys's strengths, you can get helped a lot. Roger makes it easier, which I appreciate a lot. He doesn't tell me too many informations. He is very efficient and effortless." Tsitsipas is not active on social media by himself anymore: "I may continue for one more month, a year or even a whole decade - who knows? But I keep my YouTube Channel Active.

WhatsApp and YouTube are the apps I mainly use now. It's going well so far and I feel comfortable." Federer is set to add two additional exhibition matches to his schedule. Last week the Swiss player announced he will play against Alexander Zverev in Bogota, Colombia, on November 18, then with Juan Martin del Potro in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 20.

Now it was known that Federer will face Zverev both on November 19 also in Santiago, Chile, and in Quito, Ecuador, on November 24. In Argentina 15,800 tickets were sold over just three days. From Colombia, the organizer Manuel Mate said: "At the end of February earlier this year we saw there was a light and in Miami we saw he could. We looked for partners and in July we, Argentina, Mexico and Chile were there.