Roger Federer: 'Attending matches as retired players will be strange'

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Roger Federer: 'Attending matches as retired players will be strange'

Roger Federer was asked by Mikaela Shiffrin if he will attend matches live on the biggest stages in the world once he retires. The Basel native said: "Good question. I think so. I think it would be totally wrong if I retired completely.

I love tennis too much. In the beginning it won't be easy for me. Just sit down and not have an influence on the game anymore. Especially in a stadium where people look at you and you are shown on the big screen. Tough."

Asked what he eats during a match, he added: "If I really need something, then I eat those energy things. But it doesn't happen often. I am still pretty old school like and I only drink water. I try to generally eat as soon as possible and I try to make sure my children do the same.

I think it's important to try everything and give a good example. I never had a diet but after my retirement, I would like to give myself a shot once." What were his most emotional off-court moments in career? "When several FC Basel players ended their career, there was a ceremony and I thought it was a shame they left the club.

That touched me a lot as well as the team's wins in Champions League. Another moment was when Gaston Gaudio won the French Open. He was so happy that he touched me a lot." He concluded: "I like movies about superheroes.

I just saw Avengers Endgame but then it did not work because my daughter wanted to speak all the time. I did not watch the last 20 minutes. Then I also like The Gladiator. I like Good Will Hunting, it was some time ago. And then there are many movies I lost. There are too many. "