Federer: 'I cried re-watching 2017 Australian Open final against Nadal'

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Federer: 'I cried re-watching 2017 Australian Open final against Nadal'

Roger Federer recalled when he cried re-seeing himself winning tennis matches. The Swiss said: "When I won the Australian Open in 2017, there were so many videos. I was just like, Stop sending me videos! You know I am an emotional guy.

But I am getting stronger." Asked if he goes on excursions, Federer replied: "A lot. Hey, do not forget, that's a kind of national sport in Switzerland. It's like the American football. We cook sausage and I love the barbeque."

Asked what he will not miss once he retires, Federer replied: "Travelling. Even if I like it. But if you can choose the place where you can go to instead of going where you have to, it's nice. The pressure as a player too, I will not miss it even if I may think I had nice moments.

But I will definitely miss the other players. It will be strange if you do not belong to this family from one day to the other." Asked if he would like to visit new places, he said: "Oh yeah, there are many. I would like to see Africa more and I am also trying to go to South America this year.

I was there for the last time in 2012. Now I hope I will visit new countries. Contracts have not been signed yet so I would put myself in troubles now. Then I also love travelling to Asia, but I would like to go by car more. You see more places and you go slower on the street. After Wimbledon we were travelling by a caravan through Switzerland, it was funny."