Schwartzman: 'Before, I thought that facing Federer was bad luck. Now..'

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Schwartzman: 'Before, I thought that facing Federer was bad luck. Now..'

In an interview to Olè Diego Schwartzman spoke about how it felt like to face Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic at the start of his career. The Argentinean player's perspective changed as the years went on.

"It was a bit strange. In the beginning I had the luck to face them in the biggest tournaments when I was younger. At that point I thought it was bad luck and then I realized it was good luck. Getting to know them, what they do on the court, was something very important.

Starting from there, I studied them and now I have a big desire to beat them as I feel close." Schwartzman also made a gift to the three: "I sent them a mate that with their name marked thank to some friends of mine.

Novak loves everything about the eating regime, he saw me having mate many times, so I gave bum one. Now I have to teach him how to take it so he can include it on his diet." He finally analyzed his season: "Very good.

Being able to maintain a great level for several years is something good, and I have been achieving the goals I had for this year. Now there are some tournaments left and the Davis Cup." Meanwhile Daniil Medvedev was asked what's the question that bothers him the most: "Probably the question of how I got into tennis.

I usually get asked it by journalists coming from other countries that do not know me well. I already spoke about it 1,000 times, everything can be found on the Internet and it's a shame to lose time. But I like speaking with journalists about interesting topics."