Sumit Nagal: 'Roger Federer is incredible'

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Sumit Nagal: 'Roger Federer is incredible'

In an interview with La Nacion, Indian player Sumit Nagal spoke of his match against Roger Federer in the US Open first round last month. Nagal said: "I always looked more at Nadal and Ferrer, I like their motivation on the court.

But Federer is incredible. As a kid, I always watched him on TV playing at the US Open, wearing black outfits in the night sessions. And now being there is like a movie. It made me so happy. I was thinking for a long time about it.

It's never easy to go out there and play as best as you can for the first time on a big stage, although it's something you live and dream for. In my country people were very attracted when I faced Federer, but not much more.

If you do well, you are incredible. If you do bad, goodbye. In many countries, it's like this. It's about success." Nagal got $56,000 prize money in New York but he admitted that things can change quickly: "At the beginning of the year when I was flying from Canada to Germany after a tournament, I had just six dollars in my pocket.

Six dollars! I will not exaggerate. But I survived, and you soon start improving. Tennis is not a sport where you see the results throughout the year, in India people check results in a very quick way. If this mentality doesn't change, you will see the country's players in Grand Slams only once every five, six years."