Who worked on Roger Federer's mind should be given Nobel prize: Coria

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Who worked on Roger Federer's mind should be given Nobel prize: Coria

In an interview, former player Guillermo Coria commented on his career and the legends he played against, also praising the 20-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer's improvements. Nagal said: "For me, it was pride to share the Tour with my idol Andre Agassi, also with Marcelo Rios, and facing them.

And having the opportunity to share the Central Court with Andre Agassi and beating him. I struggled a lot against his cross backhand on my forehand. I hated it. Our generation, Federer, Roddick, Ferrero, Guga, Nadal, replaced all those monsters like Agassi, Sampras, Kafelnikov, Philippoussis, Rafter.

Being young. Because at 19 or 20 years we were beating the top guys who were still young. What Rafa and Roger are doing at this age is impressive. And to tell you the truth, with my hand on the heart, sharing the junior tour with Federer, we never imagined that he could get to what he is and what he keeps doubt.

Who worked Federer's mind should be given the Nobel prize. Roger was terrible mentally. He was listening and music and he had no control. That's why who worked with him should be given the Nobel prize." Meanwhile, Kobe Bryant spoke with China Daily about his book on the inner pace in sports.

"In this book, I deal with the internal struggles in sports that everybody needs to learn how to cope with. What happens when it's only you out there challenging the inside of yourself when you don't have teammates or coaches to lean on? What sport creates that environment? It's tennis.

I wanted the book to focus on tennis to try to inspire the next generation with a story developed around the sport."