Naomi Osaka: 'If Roger Federer can do it, I can do it'

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Naomi Osaka: 'If Roger Federer can do it, I can do it'

In an interview to FT Naomi Osaka spoke about the pressure of being world No. 1. The Japanese player said: “I’ve never been Number One and a lot of people were talking about it and I think I let it get to my head a little bit.

Just, like, when you’re Number One you’re not really supposed to lose. At least, that’s how I feel. Of course, people lose all the time. But I just felt like I should at least win a tournament every month or something.

I know that’s crazy but I was like, you know what, if Federer can do it, I can do it. It’s not even outside pressure, just pressure from myself, and sometimes it helps me play very well. Other times it just makes me overthink.

[It is] sort of a battle between those two”. "I’m thinking if I can say something, but it’s a really bold statement. I’m debating whether I say it or not. I’m just going to say it. OK, so you know when Serena was Number One? Basically, everyone knew that everyone else had no chance.

I kind of want myself to be like that in the future . . . I don’t want to change who I am as a person but I want to be more unapproachable, at least in the locker room. I don’t want to be fluffy."