Nadal and Federer are very different one another, let's enjoy them -Robredo

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Nadal and Federer are very different one another, let's enjoy them -Robredo

In an interview to Efe Tommy Robredo was asked who between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will end up holding most Grand Slam titles once their careers end. Robredo replied: "It's complicated to say. So far Nadal has a bigger room than Federer because of his age and his current level.

But we are speaking of sports, and it's something very complicated. And if Rafa gets injured or doesn't win the French Open next year? And if Federer wins in Australia or Djokovic overcomes them? Whatever happens, whoever wins 19, 21, 22 or 23, we are speaking of amazing numbers.

But out of those numbers, why it's just about the Grand Slams and not also one Davis Cup or other titles like an Olympic? In the end, if Rafa wins 21 Grand Slams, and Federer 20, there will be people who will say Federer was the best.

And if it happens the contrary they will say Rafa was the best. We have to enjoy both of them because it's really worth it. They are so different each other." On Nick Kyrgios, Robredo added: "In the end, on the tour you need to set some rules that everyone has to follow, and obviously this guy is getting to the limit.

If I were the ATP President, I did not like such shows too much. I like more guys who give their best, even if they are not that popular, but that do everything well", he concluded.