World of tennis without Roger Federer will be a sad one, says writer

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World of tennis without Roger Federer will be a sad one, says writer

How will a future without tennis be like once Roger Federer retires from the professional tour? The book author Marc Aebersold replied: "It would be sad, a world of tennis without Federer. Apart him, the other players' gamestyles are the same: everyone plays two-handed backhands - apart Wawrinka, Gasquet and other younger players.

I do not see any successor, we spoke a lot about Grigor Dimitrov but he doesn't manage to reach the top. We will see a new generation to see a renewal. When players like McEnroe, Connors or Sampras retired, we were scared too."

Arno Bertina: "Federer is not just an ideal genius or a perfect guy, that can do everything perfecly. He forced his generation to the excellence pushing each other. Look at the tweener." Andre Scala: "We are leaving an unbelievable time.

There was Pete Sampras for ten years, then Federer for ten years. The gap will not be fullfilled, we may wait for ten more years to see a clash between Murray and Djokovic. I do not watch their finals." Tim Henman: "Many people ask themselves if Federer will soon retire.

I just want to say that he will be around as long as possible. He is the greatest player ever and it will take a lot of time to have one like him again. He won so many titles. He is still motivated." Federer said: "Borg was always like Michael Jordan for me.

I never saw him playing but I know what he represented. And since he shows up very rarely, it gives him a bit of a mistery. I heard a lot about him through my former Swedish coach Peter Lundgren. So he is at the very top."