Roger Federer reveals secret behind his connection with South Africa

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Roger Federer reveals secret behind his connection with South Africa

Roger Federer spoke about his connection with South Africa which made him start a Foundation back in 2003. The Swiss said: "Everything came natural through my mother. I was in South Africa on holidays to see my family and in the same time I saw the poverty.

Along with this, I was playing tennis trying to reach the highest level, my biggest possible dreams. My first successes at a junior level is a bit special. Then you go on the professional tour. Once you start getting the first results, cracking the top ten and reaching the quarters in a Major tournament, you start earning well over less time and being very young.

So very quickly, you start asking questions. Also, many people start wishing things from you. Then you start supporting a cause. Helping kids through UNICEF, for example, the animals or fight against illnesses. But I understood I wanted to create something about myself.

That's how everything started." On how to educate his children, Federer added: "You have to explain why it's yes and why it's not. You discuss with them, you set some limits. For two years, I really felt I had a big impact on their education.

I think it had a role on having even bigger ambitions for the Foundation in the next years. Kids are the future and I always liked spending time with them. In tennis we always have kid's days." Federer will play the Rolex Shanghai Masters next.