Roger Federer speaks about his relationship with money

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Roger Federer speaks about his relationship with money

Roger Federer was asked about his relationship with money. The Swiss, who reportedly earned $700 million during his career, said: "It's a bit strange to make money with what I consider a hobby. It definitely gives safety to me, my wife, my parents, my sister and my children.

It's nice to have a bit of it, I will not deny it. But it's not something that dominates my life. I have enough. Even if I want to live for a long time. But I do not want to stop working once my career ends. I want to do things which I am interested to.

But it's important not to change because of the money. It can be. It can destroy friendships and relationships. When money prevails, it's not good. Just look at families that split because of heredity problems. The more you have, the more problems it causes.

In some ways of course. Because if you do not have it at all, you only have issues. You need to have a bit in order to live correctly. But I sm convinced that if you are happy with yourself, money is secondary." Asked how his relationship with the other people is, Federer replied: "For me it's the same.

There are not people who are above you because they are popular or rich. Nothing changes. I do not like people who change their behaviour depending on who they have in front of you. It's something I saw and I lived s lot. I will not change.

Of course you are a bit more careful when you deal with the press. But I have the same respect for every person. I always try to stay relaxed and educated when I speak with someone. I try to make people comfortable around me. I will not start ignoring people who I know. I do not like this idea at all and having this mentality is essential. Very important."