Roger Federer: 'Going to Africa was emotionally difficult'

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Roger Federer: 'Going to Africa was emotionally difficult'

Roger Federer spoke about his Foundation and his trips to Africa. The Basel native said: "Going there was emotionally very difficult. Seeing my family, visiting my projects backed by my Foundation. I also went to Etiopia.

Every time I go there, I get touched so much. I am happy I took this path. In the beginning it was a little project. Since the beginning, I wanted to put myself involved and I liked doing it. Even if it meant to take responsabilities.

I tried to educate myself by people who has experiences on this aspect, speaking with them. I am still learning a lot. I want to inspire people. The time you invest into, is really precious. I am happy to reach as many people as possible in Africa and Switzerland.

I hope it will give ideas to others who will start something too. Because great players like Andre Agassi inspired me. Seeing them acting as real investors, it motivated me. It's a long term investment. I also have to find a balance with my duties as a player.

Life is full of commitments. But I could be even more involved with my Foundation when my career ends. We contact the local authorities, that's how we work. It's something that comes from your heart, very personal. I find disappointing that someone does not want to spend their time in helping others.

But everyone is different. And if you do it, it needs to be done with your heart. Then, you can take bigger responsabilities and give your name, rackets etc. There are many ways to act. What's not good is to do it just for your image.

Unfortunately it's a bit the trend that we go through today, with social media, the public eye that is becoming even more important. I am not sure people always act for right reasons. But as long as they do something, anything can be a motivation."