Roger Federer: 'Rafael Nadal is a special player in my career'

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Roger Federer: 'Rafael Nadal is a special player in my career'

Roger Federer recalled his 2017 Australian Open title after a six-month break. The Swiss said: "In 2012, after the 17th triumph, I thought that the 18th would have come quicker. I was disappointing my fans and I was sad for it.

The most important thing was my return to the competition. Playing tennis makes me happy. I thought I had to be relaxed. I had to stay free on my mind, hit shots. It would have paid off." On Rafael Nadal, Federer added: "Rafa is definitely a special person in my career.

He made me a better player. It's always an extreme challenge for me to play against him." Federer also shared why he didn't post things on social media channels for almost two months: "This summer I have not been very active on social media.

I needed to rest, I was a bit tired of telling about my life." He also revealed: "On WhatsApp we have a group with the Team Europe mainly to share informations. Fognini, Tsitsipas and the others grew up with mobile phones, Rafael Nadal and me a bit less.

Me and Nadal understand each other very well. We share informations about the Team World members." Asked if at the Laver Cup he feels more like a player or an organizer, Federer replied: "I am especially a tennis player.

I did not create the format. My agent Tony Godsick is involved. I know the golf but I did not realize it could be so intense and emotional. But of course Tony asked me what I thought about it."