Roger Federer intends to retire in 2020, says Serena Williams' coach

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Roger Federer intends to retire in 2020, says Serena Williams' coach

Serena Williams's coach spoke about Roger Federer and the reasons why he came back to play on clay this year in Madrid, Rome and French Open. The Frenchman said: "Roger was usually skipping the clay-court season to avoid the risk of injuries and give himself the best possibility to win Wimbledon, which takes place three weeks after the French Open.

Coming back to this option at 37 years of age may seem strange but Roger is a very rational person. I feel he intends to retire in 2020 after Olympics and so this year it may have been the last time he played on clay. I think he wanted to give his farewell to those clay-court tournaments and French Open."

Mouratoglou is impressed by Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic too: "It's absolutely out of the ordinary. We were not aware enough of the Amazing opportunity we have to see the most amazing generation of champions in sport history.

To be playing at this level at their age, they need to keep fresh and the ambition to win everything, evolving his game because tennis changed a lot in the last 15 years." Asked why Williams did not hire an additional coach, Mouratoglou replied: "I always thought it would have made things more complicated.

Especially if those people have two bug egos. The main coach needs to be there. Look at Andy Murray, who won Grand Slams when Ivan Lendl worked with him. And even when Lendl was not in tournaments, he was sending Murray a schedule."