'Roger Federer takes ball early but now defensive players have more weapons

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'Roger Federer takes ball early but now defensive players have more weapons

Serena Williams' coach Patrick Mouratoglou spoke about how tennis evolved over the years. The Frenchman stated: "Now surfaces got balanced and today the future is Djokovic and Murray. Everyone is the same. Surfaces are slower.

Hitting serve and volley is complicated. Now players have more time in order to develop and be on the defence. They go less to the net, they have a less big court coverage and that's why we see medium-long rallies. Roger Federer takes the ball early going forward but with these surfaces, defensive players have more weapons."

Asked why Williams did not hire an additional coach, Mouratoglou replied: "I always thought it would have made things more complicated. Especially if those people have two big egos. The main coach needs to be there. Look at Andy Murray, who won Grand Slams when Ivan Lendl worked with him.

And even when Lendl was not in tournaments, he was sending Murray a schedule." He concluded: "Everything depends on the player. I feel I am responsible for the evolution of my player, his progress, results and rankings position.

I am paid for it and so I have to be careful about all those things. The real mission for a coach is to allow a player to get into another dimension, get things he cannot achieve being alone. We need to behave as if the player doesn't pay us.

The worst coach is the one who hesitates doing things. If you are honest, even if it's tough, you get respect. Serena is the boss. When you have to change something, you have to feel that it comes from her, that she took the decision. It world like this. Then it's up to me to make sure that she takes the right choice."