Roger Federer, Serena Williams seem to be machines but they are not - Coach

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Roger Federer, Serena Williams seem to be machines but they are not - Coach

Serena Williams' coach Patrick Mouratoglou spoke about the coaching in tennis. The Frenchman said: "There are many informations we can learn about the person, his history and experience. And when you have all those things on your hands, you have a good idea about how that person feels.

I have a lot of anecdotes. If I am in a restaurant with a player I work with, and something happens in the restaurant, I exactly know how my player feels. And I feel the same because I can completely be on his shoulders. It's essential to bring people where they want to go to.

A player needs to keep being motivated every day. Federer and Williams have room for improvements, no one plays tennis perfectly. It's very difficult to judge yourself and having a help from outside is very important. That's one of the things.

And the other part is the human, find words to motivate the player and make his confidence grow. Human beings can progress on all aspects for their whole life. Sometimes it seems that Williams, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are machines.

But they are much more fragile than what we may think. They have ups and downs in their personal lives. They can struggle with motivation. The high-level sport requires a boost every day. And if you are alone, solving your issues could take much more time. If you have someone next to you, you can avoid your downs, saving time. My job with Serena paid off."