Roger Federer: 'Becoming father had an impact on my work with Foundation'

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Roger Federer: 'Becoming father had an impact on my work with Foundation'

Roger Federer spoke about how he educates his children. The Swiss said: "You have to explain why it's yes and why it's not. You discuss with them, you set some limits. For two years, I really felt I had a big impact on their education.

I think it had a role on having even bigger ambitions for the Foundation in the next years. Kids are the future and I always liked spending time with them. In tennis we always have kid's days." Meanwhile Serena Williams' coach Patrick Mouratoglou spoke about his coaching method: "The coach works on the tennis technique.

He will shape up a player, he will make an analysis about his game and will introduce training methods, change technique, give tactical advices to make the player's game evolve. The coach will work more on the human side.

The person needs to be more efficient in order to progress. If you only make the player and not the human being evolve, it doesn't lead to where you want to be. You need to work on both aspects. Everyone has a different potential.

But my job is to fullfil people's potential, in order to make people get as much as they can. The coach is the person who will allow his player to be as strong as possible on the court. On my book I explain that my job is to first of all understand the person we have in front of us. And in order to understand it, we need to get informations."