Rafael Nadal draws his perfect player, mentions Federer, Djokovic and...

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Rafael Nadal draws his perfect player, mentions Federer, Djokovic and...

Rafael Nadal was asked to draw what's the perfect player for him. "The best serve is probably by Ivo Karlovic, the best forehand for Roger Federer. The best backhand, Novak. The best return, probably Novak. Gael Monfils for speed.

And as for mind, Roger, Novak and... me." There will ever be a new Rafael Nadal in Spain? "I do not know. It will not be easy. But I hope so. If someone is better than me, it would be good for our country. I wish the best to the new generation.

What's important is that they do not feel pressure because otherwise players get frustrated. All what happened to me is unbelievable." How he imagines himself in ten years? "I imagine myself close to the sport.

My Academy, which is very important for me, will allow me to stay close to tennis. I like advising younger people. At the moment I do not have a lot of time for it, I travel a lot but in the future I will have more time to be closer to them, give advices and spend time with them.

I have my Foundation. And I will have several businesses all around the world and private things which I do not speak about about because I do not speak a lot of my private life. I was never worried for my life after tennis. I will have many things to enjoy and goals outside tennis.

Now the most important thing is to be healthy and play well. So I have positive thoughts and that makes me feel ready to play, then I can win or lose, that's part of the sports."