French Open success doesn't depend on Roger Federer's appearance - Forget

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French Open success doesn't depend on Roger Federer's appearance - Forget

The French Open Tournament Director Guy Forget was asked if the Parisean event depends on Roger Federer's appearance. The Swiss is back to compete this year after not being in Paris for three years. Forget said: "That would be very dangerous for any tournament.

The heros were always there. Back in the day we were watching Borg or McEnroe playing, then Lendl and Wilander, then Agassi and Sampras. Idols, there will be other ones after Nadal and Federer. That's the history of sport that gets renewed all the time.

When we will remember, in 15 or 20 years, that Federer won only once at the French Open, the tournament will have grown. When we will host night sessions in 2021, we will all be excited. We will have US Open' capacity (23,000 seats), we will be packed every day getting to 46,000 every day by hosting two sessions.

If we had Americans' facilities, we would also attract 700,000 people over 15 days. We are able to grow without Federer too." On the difficult time WTA Tour is going through, Forget replied: "Women's tennis got lost a bit.

The new generation of players is inconsistent. People do not know who dominates. People asks me, What will that player become? Did that player give birth? They are lost. Women's tennis always had rivalries between two, three, four players, Navratilova-Graff, Seles-Graf or Mauresmo-Henin-Clijsters-Pierce. Some players should stand out in the long term. Two or three headliners are not there."