Roger Federer shares why he still plays professional tennis

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Roger Federer shares why he still plays professional tennis

Roger Federer was asked what motivates him to continue on the Tour. The Basel native said: "The love for the game, necessarily, but also taking the decision to play longer a lot of time ago. Andre Agassi, who had a great career after turning 30, inspired me.

I also wanted to be able to play against one or two more generations and I enjoy a lot seeing those young guys raising up and playing and a different match. I like travelling but sometimes it's difficult to leave my family at home.

That's why we are often on Tour. I visit cities in a different way with parks, gardens... When I leave home, I ask myself if it makes me happy or if I'd rather stay. I am looking forward to the next tournament to come because I love life on Tour too." Asked if his children want him to play longer, Federer replied: "They often ask me how much more I will play.

I do not know what to tell them because I do not honestly know. Every tournament can be the last one. 2020 Tokyo Olympics seem to be far away, but if I am happy I always want to play and Tokyo becomes a big goal, so we will see..." Asked if he may become a coach, Federer replied: "Maybe more a mentor for the younger guys.

Coming back on Tour as a coach seems to be difficult. There is also my foundation that is very important for me."

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