'Nadal is in a good position to beat Federer's record,but look at Djokovic'

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'Nadal is in a good position to beat Federer's record,but look at Djokovic'

Speaking to Marca the former world No. 4 Sebastian Grosjean spoke about Rafael Nadal's attempt to equal Roger Federer's 20 Grand Slam titles record after winning his 19th Major at the US Open. Grosjean said: "It's clear that Rafa is in a good position to overcome Roger.

We can imagine that he will play more years because he is younger. He was never one Major away from the Swiss. But you never know because Novak Djokovic is not very far away. His next year will be amazing from the Australian Open.

What's sure is that Nadal will be back the French Open favorite again so he can equal the 20 triumphes there. It's good for everyone that this rivalry exist." On the relationship between the French Open crowd and Nadal, Grosjean added: "I think that there was always some respect towards Rafa.

In the beginning when the Spaniard came out, they wanted Federer to win, at least once. Then you can never control the entire crowd and when a few people make some noise, the others follow. His legacy is historical. He won 12 times in Paris.

It's a good love story between France and him." On the umpire Damian Steiner being fired up by ATP for giving unauthorized interviews, he concluded: "I was always one of the people who said that if you have rules, you need to respect them. Rules are there for everyone."