Roger Federer can still win Grand Slams, says Novak Djokovic's coach

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Roger Federer can still win Grand Slams, says Novak Djokovic's coach

Goran Ivanisevic spoke about his co-operation with Novak Djokovic started. The Croat said they practiced together for the first time at Wimbledon. "I only had one week to train with him. Over a short time you cannot help anybody.

We knew each other very well and we were speaking a lot. It was the first time we were together and it was a great thing." Ivanisevic believes the Big Three will be the favorites in 2020 too: "At the moment I cannot see a guy winning a Grand Slam.

In the future it will definitely happen. But now everything is about the three guys. That's where I include Roger Federer. Because he is always a dangerous opponents and a favorite to win the title. Those three players made tennis an unbelievable sport.

There was never an era where three players dominated the action." Who is the greatest ever? "One of the three. It's like in football. Someone says Cristiano Ronaldo, someone says Lionel Messi. If the three played at their best in ten matches, Djokovic would probably win.

He is the most complete player." The Los Cabos Open Tournament Director Jose Antonio Fernandez said they will try to bring Roger Federer to play the Mexican event in the future. Fernandez said: "He would play in Los Cabos first and then Acapulco.

We are in the same week as Dubai and he got an agreement to play there for the next years. The best option would be Los Cabos. It's not easy, but we are gonna try." Asked how many more years we will see Federer on Tour, Fernandez replied: "Maybe two years, no more than that. 2020 and 2021, I think he is gonna be around."