Borna Coric: 'I did not expect to beat Roger Federer in last year's Halle'

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Borna Coric: 'I did not expect to beat Roger Federer in last year's Halle'

Borna Coric was asked by MyTennis if his life has changed since his Halle title in 2018. The Croat upset Roger Federer in a three-set final. "It's still pretty much the same. I do the same things. I am still the same person.

Nothing really has changed", said Coric, who was also asked how the locker room reacted. "I do not know how the locker room has reacted because in the semis and finals it was pretty much empty. So I don't know how they reacted but I got much more messages and the players, we all kind of speak about it and it's obviuosly a big surprise for me, I didn't expect it.

I was hoping to win but I did not expect it. He is just one of the best in tennis history so playing him is always a privilege." Asked who was his role models were, Coric replied: "Goran Ivanisevic, Ivan Ljubicic and also Rafael Nadal to be honest.

I was looking at them but mostly Goran Ivanisevic. I started playing because of him." He also recalled when he met the American former boxer Mike Tyson: "I was pretty scared when I met him, he is a very nice person.

I met him just for a short time because he was very busy. I played boxing as a kid, now not that much because I play tennis. I do not do it because of my ankles and shoulders, I don't feel well afterwards but maybe when I stop playing tennis I do it more, I may get professional", he laughed.