Discussion about Federer and Zverev's appearance fees was short - Organizer

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Discussion about Federer and Zverev's appearance fees was short - Organizer

In an exclusive interview to TW USA the Mextenis organizer Jose Antonio Fernandez spoke about the upcoming Greatest Match between Roger Federer and Alexander Zverev that will take place in Mexico City on November 23. Fernandez said: "It's been a hard work for the last four years talking with Tony Godsick and the whole team.

Now he is playing in Mexico for the first time in history and very happy with the decision and with another player like Zverev who is the best younger player. Roger is No. 3 and Zverev no. 6. It will be a good match. The discussion about the appearance fees was very short because we agreed with the amount.

We got an agreement about all the details. Earlier this week we launched the tickets sale and they were sold over three hour during the first stage We will set a world guinness record with 42,000 people overall. In Belgium when Kim Clijsters faced Serena Williams, 33,000 people watched.

Now we will set a record. The format will be the best of two to three sets between Federer and Zverev and before that there will be a doubles match featuring Bryan Brothers and Santiago Gonzalez and Miguel Ángel Reyes Varela.

For Mexico it will be very interesting. It will be our biggest challenge ever as a company." On the lack of successful Mexican players, Fernandez said: "The issue is that there is no training system. The Mexican tennis federation has been a real mess, they do not make long term deals and plans, just six months and one year. They do not work with private partners and it's difficult. Only private partners can be involved."