Roger Federer would have won 3-4 French Opens without Nadal - Annacone

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Roger Federer would have won 3-4 French Opens without Nadal - Annacone

Roger Federer's former coach Paul Annacone spoke about how big an obstacle Rafael Nadal has been for the 38-year-old on clay. The Swiss only triumphed once at the French Open in 2009. "The reason he has not done that well on clay is because of Rafael Nadal.

When you look at his record and at how successful he has been, he is still winning almost 80 percent of his clay matches over his whole career. And you look at the semifinals and final where he has lost to Rafael Nadal in Roland Garros, he would have won probably three or four titles there.

Nadal is the most accomplished player ever, he has been something that only comes around once in a lifetime," said Annacone. Annacone added: "For me, the success depends on what you are looking at. For Sampras to win the US Open in 2002 it was really amazing to be participating in that.

Sampras broke the record and win Wimbledon in 2000. While Federer won Wimbledon in 2012. Those were really interesting times. We were trying to figure out ways to deal with adversities. Losing is very disappointing, whether it's in the second round or a final.

It depends on the person. Roger lost wasting match points at the 2010 and 2011 US Open against Djokovic, but he was understanding those moments and he understood it happened. He said, Look, there is some Major events that I won where I probably could have not won. He puts things in a very good perspective to understand both winning and losing."