Federer: 'I want to win more. Playing tennis in five years? I don't know'

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Federer: 'I want to win more. Playing tennis in five years? I don't know'

Roger Federer was asked what are his major goals until his career ends. The Basel native aims to have more success on the Tour. “Winning some more absolutely. It’s important to me. Winning solves a lot of problems. Winning makes you happy.

Then I do not know if I will still play tennis in five years. I hope the transition is going to be good for me. I am not worried by any means, just keep a good group of friends around you while travelling around the world. A lot of people now especially late in my career want to come and see me play.

Of course, I'd like the Foundation to grow, it's been there since 15 years, still feels like a baby, just a teenager now so I hope there is much more to come there. And then, of course, the journey with Uniqlo continues.

I'd like to do some cool things, make the world a better place, that's crucial for me. And then keep on travelling and discovering", said Federer. Federer also watched a video tribute made in honor of him: “It touches me a lot.

Sometimes I forget I am famous, I forget I get to all these people from cities maybe I’ve never heard of, counties I’ve never been to. I sit home and I have the same problems as everybody else with my children, Trying to catch the next flight.

You do not think about those things and then, of course, when you win first you are happy for yourself but only later you maybe see the difference you can make. It makes me very happy, go stand back and appreciate the opportunities I have had in my life."