Diego Schwartzman hopeful of joining Federer, Nadal, Djokovic at ATP Finals

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Diego Schwartzman hopeful of joining Federer, Nadal, Djokovic at ATP Finals

Diego Schwartzman spoke about his chances to join Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev at the ATP Finals in London. The Argentinean player said: "I have to be honest and be at 100 percent to achieve it and be as closer as possible.

It would be a dream and I have to be in my best shape and care about any detail in order to stay calm that, if I did not achieve it, I did everything as possible. I am confident I will end the year close to the top ten. The truth is that I am not far away from it but I have to work hard.

You cannot disconnect because it's a single sport and it takes a lot. I feel very well, i work hard to be able to stay at this level, which is the toughest thing. I feel closer and closer to them." Meanwhile Djokovic met Hiroshi Mikitani, the Rakuten founder.

The Serb had shown support for FC Real Madrid and the Club President Florentino Perez once gave him a shirt. Mikitani took advantage of Djokovic's stay in Japan and gave him a personalized shirt. FC Barcelona and Rakuten started their partnership on July 1 2017 in an act celebrated in the Auditori 1899, signing a three-year deal with an option for one more years.

Barcelona would have earned €55 million every year. Pete Hodges said: “You do feel out of all of the players chasing the big three he is the one chipping away and getting closer. At the French Open final he took a set off Nadal.

He beat Nadal in the Barcelona semi-finals. He beat Federer. It looks as though that gap between the top three and him on his best day is closing. I know we keep talking about the Andy Murray’s comeback, [Dominic] Thiem described him as a legend.

It does seem the legends just love a comeback story. People tend to forget where Nadal and Federer were pre-2017. Many people had written both of them players but back they came. Same with Djokovic. That lost to [Sam] Query at Wimbledon. Murray’s story if he were to come back and win a Slam would top the lot”.