Youzhny praises Roger Federer: 'We need events like Laver Cup'

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Youzhny praises Roger Federer: 'We need events like Laver Cup'

The former Russian player Mikhail Youzhny praised the Laver Cup co-founded by the 20-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer. Youzhny said: "It's a great event, amazing competition. If Team World gets stronger, it will be even more interesting.

Tennis is not introducing new things and we need new formats. They also play for money. I think this format is really needed for tennis, because events depend too much on the best players." Youzhny also commented on the many Russian players being successful: "It's not the result of the Federation' work.

Look at how many younger guys we had this year in the Grand Slams, how many people we have on the top 500, how many Challengers and Futures we have. In Italy there are Challengers every week and they have 20 players in the Majors qualies.

Now we have three world class players, that's great, but you should give personal credit. And if they will play for ten more years, it will be great, like if everything is perfect with tennis. But then I attended junior tournaments and the level dropped off a lot.

Now I see it from inside. Do we have a national center?" Asked if he heard Marat Safin's TV commentary on the match, Youzhny replied: "I heard something, stop (laughter). He seemed to have attracted the fans." Youzhny retired last year. He now coaches Denis Shapovalov who had many ups and downs this year so far.