Zverev shares why he will play exhibition matches with Roger Federer

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Zverev shares why he will play exhibition matches with Roger Federer

Alexander Zverev explained he will play multiple exhibition matches with Roger Federer in South America instead of competing for Germany in Davis Cup. The 22-year-old Hamburg native said: "That will be my holiday, it's not like playing a tournament so we won't go there and practise hours a day.

So it's going to be very different -- we'll play the match, we'll have a lot of fun, we'll try to win against each other, but it's not the same. You go there, you enjoy the places, you don't go out and practise arnd kill yourself, so it's different."

Zverev spoke to Lufthansa Magazin about his life. "My parents would have had a more simple and calmer life if I did not become a professional player", admitted the Hamburg native. On how his typical training day session is like, Zverev added: "Today I was woken up by a member of WADA at 7:30 AM.

It was not that pleasant, I would have liked to sleep a bit longer. But that's part of it. We do up to 50 drug tests a year. Since I was awake, I trained for an hour with my physioterapist and then I warmed up for 45 minutes with my fitness trainer.

From Noon to 3:00 PM I was on the tennis court, I ate something being in a rush and I came to our meeting. At 7:00 PM I went to the stadium to complete a 400-meter 13 series. It was followed by stretching practices and other 90 minutes with my physio.

It's seven or more hours overall for me. Who thinks that we stay on court for two hours and we hit some balls, they are wrong."