Roger Federer has unique elegance, no one plays like him - Soder

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Roger Federer has unique elegance, no one plays like him - Soder

In an interview, German politician Markus Soder praised 20-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer's talent. Soder said: "His elegance is unique. In terms of beauty, no one plays like him. Zverev has enormous talent, that's without any doubt, but he showed he still needs time to win the biggest tournaments."

Speaking of his training sessions when he was younger, Soder added: "I was on the court almost every day and I was Playing with the team every week - sometimes two because I was playing at a junior and men's level.

I only played the championship events. I stay as close as possible to the baseline and I hit deep. Against amateurs, my serve is good." Asked how often he watches tennis, he replied: "I watched a lot. Today I have no time.

As a Prime Minister, I can barely manage to watch a four-hour Grand Slam final. I attended a Wimbledon final between Federer and Djokovic a few years ago. Djokovic eventually won. An unbelievable experience." Asked what Boris Becker's 1985 Wimbledon title meant to him, he replied: "I still exactly remember that moment because I was playing mixed that day.

I was excited for Bum Bum Becker. Before, I admired Borg and McEnroe - McEnroe always impressed me for his easiness in returning - but from 1985 that guy was my hero. I was proud that a German guy had suddenly started playing so well."