Insider shares why Djokovic is not as popular as Roger Federer,Rafael Nadal


Insider shares why Djokovic is not as popular as Roger Federer,Rafael Nadal
Insider shares why Djokovic is not as popular as Roger Federer,Rafael Nadal

The Marseille Open Tournament Director Jean-Francois Caujolle spoke about why Novak Djokovic has less sponsors than Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Caujolle said: "He is underestimated, he definitely is for two main reasons.

First, he had Federer and Nadal ahead of himself who are powerful and timeless brands. So getting there is a real challenge. Then there is a game-wise matter: Nadal brought something new with his physical effort, his forehand and many other things.

Federer is above the gamestyle: he is the most beautiful player ever for records and Amazing shots. So Djokovic is less attractive for the game: his strategy is more about the defence and long rallies. While Federer tries to win the point, Djokovic tries to break his opponent's game.

He has less charisma, but he has a very attractive personality. He has a strong mental strength, he is interested to many things. I will say that he can bring a new culture to tennis and sports in general. Federer and Nadal are born champions and they would have dominated in any other generation.

Djokovic needs to build his talent and game. His personality makes him different." On what makes the Marseille Open a good event for players and fans, he added: "We have a good calendar position because we are among two 500s: Rotterdam, that is a reference point, and Dubai, that is the week after Open 13 and has unique financial resources.

Marseille is in the mid and enjoys the sports attraction of the other two. That's why some players are playing in Rotterdam, then Marseille and Dubai." Daniil Medvedev, Karen Khachanov, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Denis Shapovalov are the players committed to 2020 event.

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