Bahrami 'not sure' about new generation playing as well as Federer, Nadal

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Bahrami 'not sure' about new generation playing as well as Federer, Nadal

In an interview with W Radio, former player Mansour Bahrami spoke about the dominance of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. "It's true that there are new players coming and in the next two or three years, we will definitely see new number ones.

We have an incredible generation, a golden era, like the times of McEnroe, Borg, Agassi and Sampras. Now new players and great champions are coming. One day or the other they have stop and I do not think the new ones will be playing as good as Federer, Djokovic and Nadal."

Asked who is the greatest player ever, Bahrami replied: "The results are there. He has won everything. He has won everything. But Nadal is very close right there. Bjorn Borg would have won up to 22 Grand Slams if he had not stopped at 26 years of age.

If he played the Australian Open, he would have been at his peak, winning three or four times there and instead, he only played once in Australia as a junior and never came back." Asked if he would change something about tennis, Bahrami replied: "I am not sure.

Maybe matches last too long, years ago John Isner and Nicolas Mahut played for 11 hours. If it was a semifinal, the tournament would have finished on Tuesday." On women's tennis, he concluded: "They make a very good effort, to make people have fun.

But in women's tennis, you can see every week a qualifier coming up and playing a big tournament. But on the men's side players compete at a very high level."