Roger Federer: 'Rafael Nadal was a true leader at the Laver Cup'

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Roger Federer: 'Rafael Nadal was a true leader at the Laver Cup'

Roger Federer commented on how it feels to be an inspiration and an example not just for the fans but also for the younger players who face him. The world No. 3 said: "I'm playing a lot of the guys who idolized me, so I guess I'm semi-aware of what's going on, because I don't walk through the streets or wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and go, Yeah, you're a great guy.

I think of myself as me and as a person, you know, and not a tennis player or whatever it is. But I'm aware that I have the chance and the power to motivate, inspire younger children, and set a good example. Yeah, I see that.

That's something I have always appreciated and thought was actually very nice. Now, on the Laver Cup, I think for me it's been also eye-opening that we actually can sort of press a switch and then go team, friends, partners, you name it, and then, bang, you see each other, everybody had a great time, and then next time you play each other, I want to beat you, I like you, I respect you, but still, I'm going to beat you right now.

So I'm happy that that balance is always going to be there because I think the tennis player is a winner. He wants to win at all costs. You can do it tough and fair. You don't have to cheat and stuff. But it's nice to see, and also I think, for the people that the rivalry will always remain regardless if we're going to be on the same team.

Yeah, I think Rafael Nadal shows that also very good. I think he was also a true leader that weekend," Federer said referring to the Laver Cup in Geneva.