Roger Federer: 'I could play Beijing or Tokyo, but I took another choice'

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Roger Federer: 'I could play Beijing or Tokyo, but I took another choice'

Roger Federer has 12 sponsors and the Swiss spends a lot of time doing activities for them, especially before important tournaments like the Rolex Shanghai Masters. His agent Tony Godsick recently revealed that Roger rejects two big deals a month as he cannot add more companies to his name as long as he is playing professional tennis.

Federer has earned $93 million in 12 months according to Forbes. The Swiss spoke about the key of handling it in a proper way: "Good preparation, knowing what I'm getting into. Everything goes over my desk if you like.

I approve if I want to do an event or not. I've got to tell the team if I have the energy or the patience to do all the events. I can also say, Look, I'm playing in Beijing or Tokyo the week before, and I have no time to do sponsor appearances.

But I chose to do it this way. It's an important market for me. It's an important tournament. I want to be well prepared as well for the Shanghai tournament. And for that reason, I'm happy to travel here early anyhow, like to almost a Grand Slam, if you like.

Because I'm only here once a year, you know, I want to make the most of it for my partners, for the fans, for me, for the market. When I know what's coming, it's very easy to get excited. If I arrived on here Wednesday evening and then all of a sudden they would have said, Okay, you're going to be doing this, this, and this every day now, I would have said, I'm not in the mood right now, so I'm leaving again.

But knowing ahead of time solves any issue for me, and I enjoyed myself. It's been a blast so far. And now obviously today it's completely just tennis and press and really getting into the thick of things just getting ready for the tournament because I want to play well here."