Roger Federer: 'I will be connected to Shanghai tournament forever'

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Roger Federer: 'I will be connected to Shanghai tournament forever'

Roger Federer commented on what makes the Shanghai tournament so great. The Swiss, who first played in the Chinese city back in 2002, said: "There is a lot of people. I'm not sure if the city is always this busy, but it's extremely packed around The Bund where I am.

No, I also like the tournament, you know, the organizers, Charles and Michael, go way back with them now. So it's also part of the reason I enjoy this event so much. I feel like the city has, you know, gotten better over the years, you know.

I remember it just felt different, the vibe, back in 2002 when I came or maybe even in '05, '06. I feel the last 10 years it's really gotten even more modern. There is more stuff. I don't know. I enjoy it a lot. As you said, it's so very different to where I come from.

I have lived in many different places in Switzerland and then traveled extensively, you know. But this is, yeah, pretty special the way this city and this country is set up and everything. The size, when it comes to anything, is just off the charts.

Yeah, as you said, the fans get together, really make a conscious effort of want to show me how excited and happy they are. I felt that yesterday at Fan Day. It means a lot to me. Don't get that kind of fan grouping like this together anywhere else in the world. And I opened the stadium, so forever I will be connected to this tournament, for sure."