Sumit Nagal: 'Nothing changed after facing Roger Federer'

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Sumit Nagal: 'Nothing changed after facing Roger Federer'

In an interview with Globo Esporte, Indian player Sumit Nagal spoke about the lack of money players have. Nagal said: "It's too costly to come here. Flights are very costly. You have to travel between countries and unfortunately, I have a very limited budget.

Tennis is very costy, I have to spend weeks alone Without a coach." Nagal's sponsors are still the same ones, Lotto, that gives him outfits, and Yonex, the racket. "They had an ATP and two Challengers this year.

So I do not think it's a lot. Especially in one billion and 300 million people country. Because tennis is a very famous sport. It's not that nobody knows what it is. It's very famous, many people play tennis. I hope there can be more tournaments there one day.

When I faced Roger Federer, I got many messages. Many people say, 'Congratulations, you played very well.' I think people like tennis a lot, but it's difficult to compete in India. Cricket is the priority there. You can play tennis but it's a very costly sport because you have to travel and invest a lot.

You need costly shoes and rackets. You go on hard courts and over two weeks you need new shoes. And it will not cost less than $100 or $150." Nagal won the Buenos Aires challenger two weeks ago. Last week, he lost in the semi-finals of the Campinas Challenger.

This week, he was forced to retire midmatch in the Santo Domingo challenger. The event was Victor Estrella Burgos' last tournament on the tour.