Roger Federer has not overplayed, he is not tired - Maclagan

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Roger Federer has not overplayed, he is not tired - Maclagan

The Amazon Prime pundit Miles Maclagan spoke about Roger Federer's fitness conditiion heading into the late stage of the season. The American was asked if Federer may feel tired. “As far as fatigue I don’t think so.

I think for him quite an early exit from the US Open he had a little bit of a back issue and wasn’t 100 per cent fit there. I don’t think he has overplayed. I think the body feels good and he didn’t play as many matches as he would have liked in the first half of the year so he taught ‘Well I can play the clay’."

Before the match between Albert Ramos and Federer in Shanghai, the Spaniard's coach Diaz was asked if he was feeling confident: "Why shouldn’t I be? We’ve defeated him here before. I say this with respect, but Albert is going out there to inflict as much damage as possible in order to win.

We have very little to lose and much to gain. We’re coming to win. Albert has been playing high-level tennis the past few weeks. He competed very well in Zhuhai and clinched some solid victories… Getting to Shanghai early allowed us to acclimate.

He’s very comfortable here." Meanwhile Victor Estrella Burgos spoke of his career achievements: "Winning the gold medal in the national championship was easy, the first time we did it, a double gift for my birthday.

The achievements I made mean a lot. It's a prize to a long career made up of work, effort and dedication. Making those achievements is important for me, for my country and it will be a motivation for the players who come after."

On how he managed to make the tennis in his region more popular, Estrella Burgos replied: "I brought a lot, I paved the way, but it's a long way to go. I will keep being connected to tennis as a coach. It will he a new challenge. I tell players to fight every day, work hard, because it's the only way to get where one wants to."