Maria Sharapova: 'Me playing until 38 like Roger Federer? Who knows'

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Maria Sharapova: 'Me playing until 38 like Roger Federer? Who knows'

Maria Sharapova was asked if she saw herself playing at 38 years of age like Roger Federer is doing now. The Russian player replied: "I've never had a certain goal of how long to play. When I was a young woman of 19, I'm sure I didn't think I'd be playing past 30.

I'm closer to the finish than the beginning or middle of my career -- but who knows." Recalling her memories dated back to 2006 in Linz, Sharapova added: "It was a lot of time ago when I came here. I have good memories of Linz.

2006 title was the perfect end for a great year. After that many things happened. Now I came back here, even if I cannot play. But I am very happy to come here, meet sponsors and fans. I do everything to quickly heal. I am not under pressure.

The fire is still burning inside myself. I know what it takes to have success in the future. When I won in Linz, I did not think I would still be playing today. I want to give myself and the body the best possible chances to play.

I love this game, but I also have other goals in my life." The Luxembourg Open Tournament Director, speaking of Sharapova, said: "Luxembourg is still on her agent and she plans to play here. Everything is organized, her hotel room was already booked in the mid of the week. It seems her shoulder is not at 100 per cent at the moment but everything is planned."