Roger Federer: 'My father asked me to come back to Shanghai in 2020 too'

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Roger Federer: 'My father asked me to come back to Shanghai in 2020 too'

Roger Federer's parents, father Robert and mother Lynette, are in Shanghai with the Swiss player for this week's event. They watched the opening round match between their son and Albert Ramos on Tuesday. “They're having a good time", saud Federer.

"They are sightseeing. So this was the first time my dad has seen the centre court and the site. Very impressed, very excited. And I'm happy that they're here. They are also going to travel with me to Tokyo next Monday.

They have never been to Japan, my parents. That should also be an exciting trip. And they have just came from Singapore where my sister was, so they are on an Asia tour. They are having a good time”. Robert is enjoying Shanghai a lot and he asked if they can come back there in 2020.

"All right. I will try my best to be back here again next year'", replied Roger. The 20-time Grand Slam winner himself is enjoying his stay in the Chinese city: “I enjoy it a lot. It's so very different to where I come from.

I have lived in many different places in Switzerland and then travelled extensively. But this is pretty special, the way this city and this country is set up and everything. The size, when it comes to anything, is just off the charts.

The fans get together, really make a conscious effort and want to show me how excited and happy they are... Means a lot to me. Don't get that kind of fan grouping like this together anywhere else in the world”.