Roger Federer explains why he is staying in hotel, not house, in Shanghai

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Roger Federer explains why he is staying in hotel, not house, in Shanghai

Roger Federer is not with his wife Mirka and the four children this year in Shanghai. The Swiss is staying in a hotel. The Basel native said: "Past year that was the plan, too, but then we really enjoyed our stay in the city as a family, and Mirka and the kids prefer to stay in the city.

Lots to do, lots to see. So I said, Okay, no problem. If we can handle it with the hotel room and everything, you know, we'll try to make it work. It was possible. Somebody actually moved out of that room that we stayed in so we didn't have to move suites, which was very kind of that man.

And then we ended up not staying just around here. So this year, as the family is not here, I thought I'll try it out, because I do remember for years I would finish late, drive home, sleep, have breakfast around noon, and then drive back here, get ready for my match, and just do that for four days.

It's not a problem for me to do, but I think it's going to be just a bit more relaxing. It's a different experience. I moved into the hotel yesterday and it's beautiful, so I'm very happy here. Yeah, after many years doing the same, it's also maybe nice to mix it up a little bit.

But I was in the city for five days, so I enjoyed Shanghai." On what pressure can mean for him to have so much support from the crowd in the Chinese event, Federer added: "As much as it lifts me up, it also creates some sort of a pressure that you feel like the crowds want to see more, they want to see better, they will see a better play by my, better decision-making.

So, yeah, it can work your mind. But I think with experience I know that they'd rather see me win the match, not play as pretty and as, you know, spectacular but see me in the next round rather than me trying to hit the crazy shots all the time and trying to please them and then actually go out.

So in the end, I try my best. I thank them every single time because I don't take it for granted. Today again was special playing in front of so many fans of mine, so yes, it can create pressure, for sure, no doubt about it."