Roger Federer winning 2014 Shanghai is my best memory - Tournament Director

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Roger Federer winning 2014 Shanghai is my best memory - Tournament Director

In an interview to CGTN the Rolex Shanghai Masters Tournament Director Michael Luevano spoke about what made the Chinese event so special over the years. Luevano said: "Every year, there are many fond memories. But what stands out in my mind is in 2014 when Roger Federer lifted the trophy, and it was just a perfect event because he had five match points against him in the second round.

Somehow he came back to win and Roger is a fan favorite here in Shanghai. People were in tears when he actually lifted the crown. He was close to a defeat. I think that's something which really impacted the tournament and me."

On his job, Luevano added: "There is always work to be done. I think we have certainly played a significant role in educating the public and creating an opportunity from top down because this is a very high level event to showcase the best tennis players in the world on an annual basis."

On how tennis can get developed in Asia Luevano concluded: "This is a young sport. Here new superstars have been born and I think this is my third generation of stars to work with. So I hope that in my vision and dream I want to see a Chinese player playing deep in the tournament and holding the trophy."

The CEO of the Roger Federer Foundation Janine Handel spoke about the Match for Africa between the Swiss player and Rafael Nadal that will take place in February 2020. Handel said: "We want all children to have a good start in formal education.

It's the foundation of all learning. The first seven years are crucial for children to succeed in life. We are fully focusing on empowering children and how do you empower children best? By education. So early education is our focus.

We're in six different countries in Africa and Switzerland but it all started in South Africa. We have grown into the region over the last 15 years. He's coming back to his roots. His mom is South African and for him it is important to bring high class tennis to the region."